AC-DC Power Supplies

XP Power offers the world's strongest range of AC to DC power supplies, with products ranging from 3 Watts to over 5000 Watts. Many of our power supplies are classed as 'the world's smallest' and are designed with a focus on low noise, high efficiency and reliability. XP’s AC-DC power solutions include class I, class II installations and support class 2, Limited Power Source (LPS) requirements.

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Our AC-DC capabilities

Our AC to DC power supply portfolio covers a wide variety of mechanical formats including open-frame, chassis mount, PCB mount, encapsulated, rack mount, external, plug top, desk top and DIN rail.

To ensure that our extensive range of power supplies are suitable for as many applications as possible, they are designed and approved for use in ITE, industrial and process control systems, semiconductor fabrication equipment, test and measurement equipment, scientific instruments, medical devices, household & domestic consumer devices and defense applications.

AC-DC Power Supplies

If you are looking for AC-DC power, XP can help. We offer the world’s largest portfolio of power solutions covering a power range from 3W to 30kW and beyond with output voltages ranging from 1.8VDC to 400VDC.

All global AC input voltages are catered for from 80VAC to 305VAC single phase and 208, 380/400/415 and 480VAC three phase. Our modular, configurable power supplies offer single phase and three phase inputs with output power from 400 – 3000W.

Our green power range focusses on high active mode efficiency and low no load power consumption, complying with the latest global energy efficiency standards.

Choosing an AC-DC Power Supply or AC-DC Converter


With a vast array of Power Supplies to choose from, XP Power has created an easy-to-use selector tool to quickly narrow down to the right AC-DC supply for your application, selectable by attributes including mechanical form factor, power range, configurable, end application and green power.

AC-DC Power Supplies from XP Power


XP Power is a leading global supplier of power supplies with the widest product range in the industry. We offer high quality products with unrivalled support from our local engineering support, in-house design facilities and manufacturing locations around the world.