Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Advanced Power Converters for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Consumer and business demand for connected devices (IoT), Big Data and AI is growing all the time. The market appetite for ultra-small and lightning-fast electronic products is huge. This creates a continual challenge for the semiconductor industry to manufacture high volumes of high-quality components in a competitive sector.

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Precision Power for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Transforming process repeatability through advanced power converter solutions  


To optimise production, Wafer Fabrication Equipment (WFE) manufacturers use advanced processes, deployed with ultra-precision, enabling a continuous drive towards nanometer-sized IC features, these complex, highly repeatable production processes present unique manufacturing challenges. They demand precise control, wafer uniformity, reproducibility, flexibility and reliability. 

Unreliable process power can disrupt production and impact wafer quality and yields. Eventually, this can erode profits and cause a loss of market share for manufacturers that are not sufficiently protected from these negative process power events.

Our extensive range of High Voltage, RF and DC power converter technology products are used by many of the world’s leading WFE manufacturers to achieve process excellence. These highly reliable, precision products enable advanced control, metrology and power management of the IC production process. This delivers improved yields and consistent high quality - enabling our WFE clients to sustain their market share and profitability.


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We recognize your need for highly reliable power solutions with precise output specifications. Speak to us today for technical support, latest product samples, up to date pricing and global shipping details.

Powering IC Process Excellence

With over 40 year experience in powering the IC process, we have recently expanded our product portfolio and capabilities to include High Voltage High Power converters, Electrostatic Chucks (ESC), RF Generators, RF Matching Networks and DC programmable power converters.    

This expansion coupled with our enhanced capabilities means we can provide all our customers with a wide range of reliable and innovative solutions that power all the steps in the IC manufacturing process and enables the most complex IC structures and material processing requirements.


Semi fab process diagram

Semiconductor Power Supplies

The competitive edge you need to enable semiconductor manufacturing success


Do you suffer from poor wafer quality and yields?

Having visibility of impactful data is key to successfully driving critical process excellence and enabling robust preventive maintenance. Our advanced power solutions provide the rich data needed to directly improve your wafer quality, yields and fabrication uptime. Offering advanced metrology and control features that can integrate with the tool through advanced communication protocols such as EtherCAT.


What is the impact of fast-changing semiconductor market? 

Complex, precision processes continually need to be developed in response to new semiconductor technology, which in turn, require newer and more advanced power converters. Our power products increasingly use advanced converter technology which drives greater flexibility, better control, high efficiencies and connectivity.


With over 40 years’ experience XP Power is trusted to power the wafer fabrication equipment which produces leading IC’s in fabs all over the world. We focus on delivering reliable, highly stable, repeatable and precise power conversion products which drive successful outcomes in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Trusted and Reliable Advanced Power Conversion Products​

Low Voltage
Low Voltage Power Solutions
  • Up to 20kW of output power in compact sizes 
  • Fixed & programmable outputs for precision control
  • Magnet driver solutions 
  • High efficiency for reduced running costs 
  • Fanless cooling for increased reliability 
  • Digital product platforms enabling flexibility
  • Communication protocols including EtherCAT & DeviceNET


LV Power Solutions

High Voltage Power Supplies
High Voltage Power Solutions
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Outputs of up to 600kV and 35kW
  • Electrostatic chuck power supplies 
  • Range of flexible module & rack mount products
  • Digital product platforms enabling flexibility
  • Minature high voltage modules  
  • Communication protocols including EtherCAT & DeviceNET


HV AC-DC Power Solutions

HV DC-DC Power Solutions