DC-DC Converters

From 2.4mW to 600 W, XP Power offer one of the widest ranges of DC-DC converters available in the industry today. Our converters offer the choice of regulated or unregulated, standard or high isolation, standard or extra wide input voltages, all in industry standard plastic or metal packages.

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DC-DC Converters

If you’re looking for a DC-DC converter, then XP Power can help. Offering one of the largest portfolios of converters in the market, the XP Power range covers power levels from as low as 2.4mW, all the way up to 600W, in various packages including SMD, through-hole, chassis mount and baseplate cooled.

Ensuring the extensive range is suitable for as many power requirements as possible, the DC-DC converters have been designed and approved for use in industrial, medical, defense and railway applications.

Choosing the right DC-DC Converter

With such a wide variety of DC-DC converters to choose from, how do you select the right one? XP Power have created an easy-to-use selection tool to help you narrow down the right DC-DC converter for your application.


•    Regulated or Unregulated

•    Standard or High Isolation up to 6kV

•    Standard or Extra Wide Input Voltages up to 8:1

•    Low voltage and high voltage converters


•    Industry-Standard Plastic or Metal Packages

•    0.25 W to 6 W in SMD

•    0.25 W to 600 W in PCB mount

•    15 W to 60 W in chassis mount

DC-DC Converters from XP Power

XP Power are the leading supplier of power sources and have the widest range of DC-DC converters available in the industry. Offering high quality products, with unrivalled support – from our in-house design to our manufacturing facilities around the world.

For additional information on our DC-DC converters or advice on how to solve a particular power requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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