Our strategy

We want to become the first-choice power solutions provider in the world. Our strategy is our roadmap for getting there.

Our strategic priorities

Developing a market-leading range of competitive products

Aiming to work with customers for whom we can add real value

Increasing our business with our focus customers

Build a resilient global supply chain

Leading our industry on sustainability

Acquiring complementary businesses to expand our product portfolio

A market-leading product range

We’ve built a global reputation on our diverse, best-in-class and adaptable product portfolio. But we’re continually updating and widening our product portfolio to grow our business in our target markets. We’re focusing on product platforms that are easy to modify, so our engineering teams can adapt existing products to meet particular customer needs. This also means that our products can be used across multiple sectors and applications.

Targeting real value

One of the things that sets us apart is the level of service and support we’re able to provide across our customers’ design-in phase. Our technical sales teams and design engineers do whatever it takes to ensure excellent quality and reliability, particularly for customers who might otherwise struggle to overcome tricky power problems. 

We’re forging long-term relationships with customers that prioritise the unrivalled quality, reliability and engineering support we can offer over those who prioritise cost.

Building a resilient global supply chain

Our evolution from distributor to designer and manufacturer has opened up whole new markets for us. But the more we grow, the more we have to scale and optimise our supply chain. It all starts with our people.

We’re focused on recruiting the best people across our supply chain, which includes manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Leading on sustainability

Of course, building our supply chain in the right way also means building it to be as efficient and sustainable as possible – an approach we take to every aspect of our business. We’re a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and comply with its Code of Conduct across the company. We’re committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 and are developing the plans that will get us there.

Power solutions for a better future

We believe that our products have the potential to impact the world positively, helping the technologies of tomorrow get to market when and where they’re needed most.

Electronic devices and equipment are at the heart of big data, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – advances that are helping the world face down the challenges of climate change. And at the heart of those electronic devices and equipment, there needs to be power converters that function safely, reliably and efficiently.

Leading by example

In order to set a new benchmark for sustainability in our industry, we're starting with our own operations and continuing to improve environmental performance right across our value chain. We want our people to be healthy, safe, respected and know they’re working for a company with strong business ethics.

Blue-chip customers are key to our growth plans, and many of them place an increasing emphasis on the ‘green’ credentials of a company before engaging with them. We’ve built our business and our plans around what our key stakeholders told us they’d most like to see from our sustainability efforts.

Expansion through acquisition

Alongside the advances we’re making internally, it sometimes makes sense for us to acquire businesses that will complement and expand the product portfolio at the heart of our business. With recent acquisitions, we have added RF power and high voltage products to our range. These additions have helped us take the high-quality solutions, services and support we were already known for in the low voltage market to customers that need to power processes like plasma generation and particle acceleration.