We continuously strive for greater efficiency

Mapping the whole manufacturing journey

Across all our operations, our focus is on promoting an environment of continuous improvement and risk mitigation.

To identify the material issues that will shape our sustainability strategy, priorities, approach and reporting, we asked our employees, customers and suppliers about the aspects of sustainability that are most important to them.

This feedback will help us to focus on areas that will enable our business to prosper and improve our impact on the wider world.

A material difference

Wherever possible, we have introduced novel materials into our higher-end products, like ultra-efficient silicon carbide devices. We’ve also used new semiconductor components for the control of our power supplies, which allow soft switching to reach very high efficiency rates and low standby power ratings.

XP Power avoids the use of any conflict minerals. We only purchase our electronic components from reputable sources and ask for detailed information from our suppliers about the origin of any metals used in the manufacture of XP Power products.

Future-proofing our work

Our engineers bring ideas, skills and innovation to reducing energy usage for our customers, and we continue to integrate sustainability into our product design.

We consider and respond to environmental issues throughout every stage of our product lifecycle, and our high-efficiency products play a role in helping the economy move to a low-carbon future.