We’re aiming to be an industry leader on carbon reduction

Environmental performance

As part of our commitment to reaching net zero, we are aiming to reduce carbon across our entire value chain.

Our ambition is to be an industry leader on sustainability, and we were the first to introduce greener, safer converters, with efficiency rates of 95%.

Our commitment to transparency includes the regular public disclosure of our carbon emissions. We’re also undertaking a full lifecycle analysis of our products, to better understand where we can continue to make improvements. Details about our latest emissions can be found in our CO2 emissions assurance statement.

Embedding sustainability

We want to set the industry standard for green business practices, from installing solar panels and LED lighting at all our sites to the introduction of features like rainwater capture and recycled burn-in energy.

Across all our sites, we recycle our paper and packaging and the minimal waste created during our manufacturing process is also recycled for re-use. Any chemicals used for cleaning are disposed of safely.

Since 2009, we have reduced our carbon emissions per unit of revenue by 35%. XP Power is dedicated to continuous environmental improvement across our own estate and that of our partners and suppliers.